NEWSLETTER (July 2018)

NDIS–Parent’s Choice or Client’s Choice

The funding from NDIS is usually to be spent for achieving a particular goal listed in the client’s approved plan. When the approved plan has funding for a support coordinator, a client, or the parent in the case the client cannot make decision, can ask for advice from the support coordinator in the choice of which support would be more appropriate

Distance to travel may be a factor guiding the choice of which service provider to pick. However the content and quality of service delivered are all valid points of consideration. Many parents are neglecting the purpose of funding for a goal rather than convenience. Although a client’s choice is important to be respected, the parent may have a reason to convince the client that there may be other better alternatives. If a client likes to go to a same group of friends doing group centre activity for a few years, some parent may want the client to go to another group to meet new friends to better fit for reaching a goal.

At the review of your NDIS plan, close to the end of Plan date, one should look at how each goal in the plan was achieved or perhaps neglected. If some funding allocated for a particular goal has not been spent, then it may be seen by the NDIS as not necessary