NEWSLETTER (August 2018)

NDIS–Transition to Mental Disability Support

Many mental patients have suffered disadvantage and/or withdrawn from their daily living and social activities. Sometimes they are prevented or discriminated from employment where support can be a remedy for them to be productive. It is this psychosocail disability that government’s Disability Inclusion Act should also address. Now NDIS has realised that some of the support may be permanent rather than simply a short term health issue. Mental recovery often requires a long term support-based environment that NDIS can supply whereas medication, as a sole treatment, may not provide.

NDIS will consider a participant’s recovery plan to achieve a goal where he or she can live a normal life with the provision of NDIS support. People under the care of a psychiatrist and other professionals can ask if together with NDIS a patient can be better assisted to achieve a recovery plan.

To access NDIS, one may call NDIS on 1800 800 110. The operator will ask a few questions before sending out an accessibility request form. Before making the call, it is advisable to discuss with a medical professional that you are preparing to access NDIS that contact by an assessor will be made before you will be given an NDIS reference number and Supporting Evidence Form for the health professional to fill in. It is advisable to contact a local area coordinator (LAC) who can advise how to submit the application.